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Targeted Focus Group Feedback 2018-11-04T17:39:36-04:00
Focus Group

Targeted Focus Group Feedback

Looking for some millennial input?

Receive actionable feedback from a statistically significant sample of young adults.

Millennial Input on Just About Anything

We firmly believe in the benefit of organizing statistically significant samples of young adults within Ad Campaign Focus Groups and Website Evaluation Focus Groups. However, not every church is looking to receive such a wide scope of feedback. Sometimes, a church only needs a millennial opinion of a single topic, asset, or initiative. We can make this happen using the focus groups being assembled to answer the more in-depth questions. We call this Targeted Focus Group Feedback.

Case Study: Logo Evaluation

What follows is an example of Targeted Feedback in action and the resulting guidance received. We were approached by a pastor who was in the process of launching a new website focused on exposing his messages to a millennial audience. He had two logos created for the new site, and wasn’t sure which would best appeal to millennials. We showed these two logos to the 61 young adults at one of our focus groups. We had them rate the logo based on Visual Appeal, and how the logo made them feel. We also requested comments on what they did and did not like about each logo. You can see the results below.

Logo 1

Logo #1

Logo 2

Logo #2
Average Visual Appeal of Logo
How does the logo make you feel?

Logo 1

Recurring Positive Comments:
  • Modern
  • Attractive
  • Clean and Simple
Recurring Negative Comments:
  • Boring
  • Plain
  • Confusing (DJ or JD or CJD?)

Logo 2

Recurring Positive Comments:
  • Eye Catching
  • Powerful
  • Strong
  • Cool
Recurring Negative Comments:
  • Too Busy

As you might imagine, this feedback allowed the pastor to confidently select the second logo as the clear winner.

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