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Sample Millennial Focused Easter Campaigns 2018-10-19T04:33:47-04:00

Sample Campaigns

Millennial Focused Easter Campaigns

Easter is typically a very active time of year for church marketing. Unsurprisingly, it is also an especially effective time to reach out to millennials and invite them to engage with your church.

Sample Easter Topic #1: The Resurrection

Facebook Ad Sample - Easter Resurrection Campaign

Easter time naturally triggers thoughts of life after death, and the resurrection of Christ. Our Topical Survey Report uncovered that subjects dealing with what happens after death are of strong interest to millennials. Thus, Easter is a perfect time to invite young adults to seek answers at your church to their questions about the resurrection and life after death.

Sample Easter Topic #2: Purpose

Easter Sample Campaign - Purpose

Millennials rated the topic of “What is my purpose in life?” the fifth most interesting in our Topical Survey Report. Helping provide answers to this question is one way to attract young adults to your church.

Sample Easter Topic #3: Helping People

Easter Sample Campaign - Helping People

“Helping people” was the topic that had the highest average interest rating out of the more than 100 we tested in our Topical Survey Report. Does your church run any community outreach programs at Easter? If so, you have an opportunity to appeal to young adults by connecting them with your initiatives to help your fellow man.

Sample Easter Topic #4: What is the Holy Spirit?

Easter Sample Campaign - What is the Holy Spirit?

Young adults tend to be inquisitive, so it is no surprise that the topic of “What is the Holy Spirit” ended up in the top 20th percentile of our Topical Survey Report. Appealing to the desire of millennials to make sense of the Christian faith can be a powerful outreach tactic, and Easter is an especially opportune time to do so.