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Millennial Topical Keyword Research 2018-08-12T14:20:07-04:00
Focus Group

Millennial Topical Keyword Research

We performed keyword research on the topics identified by our Millennial Topical Survey Report.

Find out which keywords represent the strongest opportunity for outreach campaigns.

The Metrics

We performed research into different keywords related to topics of interest identified in our Millennial Topical Survey Report. For each keyword, we analyzed:

  • Search Volume (the number of monthly searches in Google)
  • Difficulty (how much competition there is for said keyword)
  • Organic CTR (the click-through rate of organic search results for searches using this keyword)

Finally, Keyword Priority is calculated: a score out of 100 determined by looking at all the other metrics: Volume, Difficulty, and Organic CTR. Higher Priority represents a sweet spot of higher Volume and lower Difficulty.

On the charts below, you will find Priority on the X-axis. The Y-axis represents millennial interest, as determined by our Millennial Topical Survey Report.

Thus, the results that are both of high interest to millennials and represent great SEO opportunity will gravitate toward the top-right corner of the chart. Note that you can mouse over each keyword on the chart to view the raw data.

The Charts

Keyword Category