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Millennial Focus Groups 2018-10-19T04:24:22-04:00
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Millennial Focus Groups

We firmly believe that conducting focus groups with statistically significant samples of young adults provides invaluable insight into how best to appeal to the millennial audience.

Get the Actionable Feedback You Need From Millennials

Maybe you wish to evaluate the millennial perception of your prospective advertising campaign. Perhaps you seek input on what young adults focus on when they reach your church website. Or you may desire millennial opinions on something else entirely. Whatever the case, we can put together a focus group to deliver actionable, statistically significant feedback so you can proceed with confidence. Check out our focus group offerings below for the specifics.

Enrollment Campaigns

Advertising Campaign Millennial Focus Groups

Running an advertising campaign that targets the millennial audience is one of the best ways to bring young adults to your church. Using our research into the interests of millennials is a good start – but receiving feedback specific to your campaign from the audience you are looking to target with an Ad Campaign Focus Group can take your outreach to a whole new level.

Curious what sort of impact a focus group can have on an ad campaign? Check out just how much a recent focus group helped improve 25 different Christmas themed Facebook Ads.

Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation Millennial Focus Groups

Generating millennial traffic to your church website is a great first step, but how they behave once they land there is just as important. A Website Evaluation Focus Group can help your church turn more of its hard-won millennial website traffic into users engaged by your content, and ultimately more young adult visitors to your church.

Targeted Feedback

Targeted Millennial Focus Group Feedback

The types of focus group usage above are fairly in depth, but there is also significant value to be found in receiving millennial input into far more focused topics. Perhaps you’d like to know how young adults perceive different branding options, or how the millennial audience is likely to view your latest event idea. Whatever your question, we can use a focus group to provide a statistically significant millennial answer. We call these much more focused topics Targeted Focus Group Feedback. Click below to see an example of how we were able to provide millennial feedback to confidently resolve a branding decision.