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Christmas Facebook Ad Campaign Focus Group 2018-10-16T02:34:13-04:00
Focus Group

Christmas Facebook Ad Campaign Focus Group Results

We had a focus group of young adults evaluate 25 different Christmas themed Facebook ads. This is what we learned.


Our focus group participants were asked to rate each advertisement based on two metrics on a scale of 1 to 6: Impact Rating and Photo Rating. They were also asked to provide comments articulating their reaction and to provide suggestions as to how each advertisement could be improved.

Impact Rating is defined as the overall impact that the advertisement delivered on the participant. Impact Rating would reflect how likely the participant would be to click on that advertisement, and is meant to provide a general metric to gauge the effectiveness of the advertisement as a whole.
Photo Rating is defined as how appropriate and effective the imagery of the advertisement was deemed. Photo Rating could be used to help identify situations where imagery was considered to be out of place or disconnected from the message of the advertisement.

We then revamped each advertisement based on the feedback received. You can see before/after comparisons in the results section below.


Our focus group consisted of 64 young adults.
Notable demographics of our participants are displayed below:

Christmas Facebook Ad Focus Group Demographics

The Results: Before and After

By clicking the button below you can see each advertisement shown to our focus group, along with the average Impact Rating and Photo Rating from the analysis. The resulting improved advertisement is also displayed for comparison so you can see the impact of the actionable feedback received. The results below are sorted by Impact Rating, showing the highest first. Thus, the lower scoring advertisements that will have more substantial modifications are near the bottom.

Volunteer Opportunities

Impact Ranking: 4.67Photo Ranking: 4.51

Volunteer Opportunities - Before
Volunteer Opportunities - After

Get to Know God

Impact Ranking: 4.36Photo Ranking: 4.51

Get to Know God - Before
Get to Know God - After

Who Am I?

Impact Ranking: 4.21Photo Ranking: 4.20

Who Am I - Before
Who Am I - After

Seeking a Purpose

Impact Ranking: 4.21Photo Ranking: 4.07

Seeking a Purpose - After

Building Friendships

Impact Ranking: 4.20Photo Ranking: 4.08

Building Friendships - After

Fitting In

Impact Ranking: 4.20Photo Ranking: 4.00

Fitting In - Before
Fitting In - After

Community Involvement

Impact Ranking: 4.11Photo Ranking: 4.31

Community Involvement - Before
Community Involvement - After


Impact Ranking: 4.11Photo Ranking: 4.10

Perspective- Before
Perspective - After


Impact Ranking: 4.10Photo Ranking: 3.93

Charity - After

Helping People

Impact Ranking: 4.07Photo Ranking: 4.07

Helping People Before
Helping People - After

Building a Family

Impact Ranking: 4.00Photo Ranking: 3.90

Building a Family - Before
Building a Family - After


Impact Ranking: 3.98Photo Ranking: 3.77

Friendship-Loneliness After


Impact Ranking: 3.92Photo Ranking: 3.80

Depression-Anxiety - Before
Depression-Anxiety - After

Romantic Relationships

Impact Ranking: 3.89Photo Ranking: 4.00

Romantic Relationships - After

Making a Difference

Impact Ranking: 3.89Photo Ranking: 3.64

Making a Difference - Before
Making a Difference - After


Impact Ranking: 3.84Photo Ranking: 3.93

Marriage - After

Experience God’s Love

Impact Ranking: 3.84Photo Ranking: 3.74

Experience God's Love - Before
Experience God's Love - After

Attending Church Services

Impact Ranking: 3.82Photo Ranking: 3.82

Attending Church Services - Before
Attending Church Services - After

Questions About God

Impact Ranking: 3.82Photo Ranking: 3.79

Questions About God - Before

Bring Value to Others

Impact Ranking: 3.80Photo Ranking: 3.87

bring value to others - before
Bring value to others - after


Impact Ranking: 3.77Photo Ranking: 3.54

Doubts - Before
Doubts - After

Work/Life Balance

Impact Ranking: 3.77Photo Ranking: 3.79

Work-Life Balance - Before
Work-Life Balance - After


Impact Ranking: 3.74Photo Ranking: 3.62

Forgiveness - After


Impact Ranking: 3.72Photo Ranking: 3.56

Death - Before
Death - After

Helping the Poor

Impact Ranking: 3.49Photo Ranking: 3.30

Help the Poor - Before
Help the Poor - After

Qualitative Comments

In addition to the focus group providing scoring based on the two ratings discussed earlier, it also produced a great deal of actionable feedback in the form of qualitative comments.

Some of the most commonly received positive feedback was:

  • “Shows what the church is really about.”
  • “Makes the church feel welcoming.”
  • “This is something I want to be a part of.”
  • “Shows that the church is engaged in community involvement.”

On the other hand, some of the most commonly received criticism was:

  • “Photo seems disconnected from the message.”
  • “Some photos seem like stock photos/are too staged.”
  • “Not enough diversity (racial and otherwise) present in photos.”
  • “Santa hats don’t give a Christian vibe and seem to be a recurring theme.”
  • “Trying too hard to make Christmas look ‘fun’ for millennials.”

Improve Your Campaign With a Focus Group

As you can see from the substantial improvements shown in the Before/After Results above, our focus group yielded a wealth of actionable feedback toward making the campaign speak more effectively to a millennial audience. If your church is looking to optimize its advertising toward attracting a millennial audience, consider conducting a focus group.