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Focus Group

Advertising Campaign Millennial Focus Group

Find out how your ad campaign can better appeal to the millennial demographic with statistically significant analysis and actionable feedback.

How It Works

If your church is looking to run an advertising campaign to target the millennial audience as effectively as possible, our Focus Groups can help. We show your campaign advertisements to a randomly selected group of young adults aged 18 to 30 in order to get their feedback.

We ask them to do 3 things:

  1. Quickly write their immediate reactions and suggestions.
  2. Give a numerical rating of the overall impact of the advertisement with 1 being negative and 6 being positive.
  3. Give a numerical rating of the quality of the main featured visual element, as well as how well connected the visual element feels to message of the advertisement. Again, this is rated on a scale of 1 to 6, with 1 being negative and 6 being positive.

You can learn more detail about our Focus Group Methodology and associated processes here.

Christmas Facebook Ad Focus Group Case Study

Case Study: Christmas Facebook Ad Campaign Focus Group

In September of 2018, we conducted a focus group to fine-tune 25 different Christmas themed Facebook advertisements toward appealing to a millennial audience. We’ve provided both the methodology and results of this focus group in a case study that is available by clicking below. This includes the resulting changes that were made to each advertisement in a before/after format.

Pricing & Statistical Validity

You choose the confidence interval and margin of error that meets your need for statistical validity:

Confidence Interval90%90%90%
Margin of Error20%15%10%
Number of Male Participants162840
Number of Female Participants162840

We’ll provide you with an informative, graphic rich, report that guides you on suggested changes to your ad campaign based on the results of the Focus Group.

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