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Millennial Outreach by Missional Marketing 2018-10-20T03:45:56-04:00
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Millennials and Generation Z have grown up in the digital age. Their outlook and interests are heavily shaped by this. Reaching and engaging the younger generation is possible, and some churches are succeeding. However, many are also struggling and in decline as a result.

Want to find out how much content of interest to millennials we can find on your church’s website?

A Complete Outreach Solution

The task of the church is to develop scripturally sound content and activities that attract young adults. Our job as a marketing firm is to put that content online in a way that millennials and Generation Z are inclined to respond to.

We take our responsibility seriously, and have done important research to understand what topics young adults would like to see addressed in church. We have also formed focus groups that we use to fine-tune church outreach and promotional materials. Find out more about how we can help guide your church’s outreach efforts towards young adults by exploring the topics below.

Enrollment Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns

Young adults spend a great deal of time online using a variety of platforms. As a result, Advertising Campaigns are an extremely effective method of outreach when executed well. We have conducted a great deal of research, both focus group driven and otherwise, into how to craft campaigns that appeal to the interests of young adults. This can be a particularly challenging task, as young adults have grown up in the digital age and most have conditioned themselves to ignore all but the most attention grabbing online advertising.


Topical Survey Report

Our Millennial Topical Survey is a research project that measures the importance of various topics to young adults as the topics relate to religion. For this research study, an online survey was used to investigate which topics millennials and older members of Generation Z find interesting in relation to Christianity. The topics that were included were drawn from a list built by several millennials working on the project and cross-referenced with various literature on the topic.

Focus Groups

Millennial Focus Groups

Our research into the subject of how churches can best appeal to young adults has been thorough and scientific. We’ve run focus groups to determine how millennials respond to advertising campaigns, church website content, as well as various other media. If you’d like to receive actionable feedback about how to improve the millennial appeal of your church website, advertising campaign, or something else entirely, consider conducting a focus group.

SEO Content

SEO Millennial Content

SEO Millennial Content refers to Keyword focused pages, articles, videos, photos, slideshows, diagrams, and images on your church’s website that provide value and answers to young adults.

  • Does your website have quality content that is of interest to millennials?
  • Does your website go beyond offering basic information that is similar to what can be found on dozens of other church websites?
  • Do you have compelling reasons for people to spend more than a few seconds visiting your pages?

We’ve conducted extensive research into what topics are of most interest to millennials, and even built a tool to evaluate how much of said content is present on your church’s website!

On-Page SEO


In learning how to reach out to young adults effectively, we’ve read a great deal of material on the subject. We’re happy to share our favorites with you in the form of book summaries that you can find in our resources section.